The Tamara Maher Law Firm is based in the metro Portland, Oregon area and is primarily focused on and committed to helping families plan for the declining years of older relatives, friends, or family members. This includes estate planning, probate, elder law, and guardianship/conservatorship.

Currently Gail Vore is the primary practitioner associated with the Tamara Maher Law Firm, serving as Of Counsel. Gail is very experienced as an Oregon lawyer, and subscribes to the firm’s philosophy of practice.¬† You can learn more about Gail here.

We seek to provide guidance, affordable legal services and representation to families and individuals. We genuinely value the personal relationships that we are able to develop with so many people by taking the time to understand their wishes, relationships and concerns.

We meet with clients on the west side in Beaverton, virtually by Zoom, and can arrange home visits as needed.

We especially appreciate the opportunity to work with clients who are interested in proactively planning and preparing for the future. Sometimes, however, life events overtake us, and we must find a way to solve problems created by unanticipated events. Our years of experience have provided us with plenty of practice solving problems, so you will be in good hands regardless of where you are in this process.